Blue Mobility Ventures
Blue Mobility Ventures
Investing in Early Stage Mobility and Transportation Startups

At some point, everybody needs to go from A to B, or move their goods. We call this mobility and transportation. Let´s make it pollution free, safer, shared, sustainable and accessible for everybody.

Mobility is everywhere, at every stage of our lives, at all types of activities, for all sorts of reasons. We are convinced that we live at the best time in human history by almost all parameters, life expectancy and quality, peace, birth mortality, and more. We also believe that we are responsible for leveraging our talent and capabilities to reverse the negative impact of the amazing mobility we all enjoy.

We can go almost anywhere we want in the world, and even choose from many alternative modes of transportation. For us, there is also another way. What if we can satisfy your needs preventing you to take a trip? Or moving your goods. What about the “Not Mobility”?

About the Firm

It's time to unlearn and rediscover Mobility in Latam

We are on a mission to make the world better, one mobility solution at a time. Our portfolio will be socially responsible and environmentally friendly while also generating exponential returns for our investors - that's how we do things around here!

We are mobility, transportation, and logistics experts. Also founders and innovators with a track record in accelerating ventures in urban public transport, smart logistics, MaaS, and the automotive industry in Latam. Our venture fund will find, help and match startups with the right stakeholders and corporations to accelerate and maximize their chances of success. Join us in this paramount significant challenge for humanity to impact our world and life through our mobility.
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Daniel Stern

Managing Partner

Sebastian Soffia Hernández

Venture Partner

Gunther Bevensee

Venture Partner

David Berdichevsky

Venture Partner

Ezequiel Calcarami

Venture Partner
Join Us On A Mission To Make This World A Better Place.

Don't want global warming? Let's create greener transportation solutions.

We are a venture fund that invests in early stage companies, with proven business models and disruptive technological innovations. Join us on the journey to change the world!
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